Photo production. Photoshoot. Video production. Video recording, editing of corporate videos. Aerozoom. Drone video capture 5.4K. Image videos. Photoshoot of production (promise), business portrait, photoshoot of a reportage, photographer for a corporate party, studio photo session
Photo production. Photoshoot. Video production. Video recording, editing of corporate videos. Aerozoom. Drone video capture 5.4K. Image videos. Photoshoot of production (promise), business portrait, photoshoot of a reportage, photographer for a corporate party, studio photo session

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Industrial photography is a type of photography that creates an impressive and solid portrait of a modern, advanced enterprise, shows the main stages of the production process, reflects key technological processes, demonstrates the scale and innovation of equipment and lines.

Also, industrial photography makes it possible to obtain photographs of the territory of the enterprise with a general plan and facade photographs of industrial, industrial, warehouse buildings and structures. Such photographs are needed as image illustrative material for specialized industry publications, catalogs, corporate reports.

Departure throughout the territory of Ukraine and abroad.

The estimated cost of industrial photography is 4000-8000 UAH. (2-5 shooting hours). The cost of a photo session over 5 shooting hours is calculated individually.

Photo session: business portrait.

A business portrait or “business portrait” is a tool for a company’s press service for business publications in the media, annual reports, and a corporate website.

Basically, a “business portrait” is an on-site photography taking place on the customer’s premises. Depending on the task and the rank of the participants, photography is carried out according to different scenarios. For example, a business portrait of a manager in his office, corporate photography of employees in an office setting. It is also possible to take photographs in a specially equipped photo studio or organize a mobile photo studio on the customer’s premises.

It is worth considering, most often, business people are not professional photo models and many feel constrained during photography. They need some time to relax and look as relaxed as possible. The photographer takes a large number of shots in different angles and poses to enable a person to get used to the process and subsequently be able to choose the most successful shots.

Given the tight schedule of the leaders, the work is carried out at an accelerated pace. However, it is required to allocate at least 20-30 minutes for each person to photograph a business portrait.

Estimated cost – 1500 – 2500 UAH.

Reportage photography.

Filming of events and events (conferences, trainings, presentations, corporate, sports, children’s holidays).

Reportage photography is used for business, social, sports, cultural and entertainment events. The task of the photographer is to create photographs that will reveal the essence of what is happening, convey the atmosphere, show the mood of the participants and emotions.

A reportage photographer is a bit of a journalist. Only instead of letters and words he has a photographic lens. And instead of text, a vivid photo story. Such a task is within the power of a photographer with extensive experience and well-prepared technically.

The estimated cost of reportage photography is 1200-1600 UAH/hour. The cost of work over 3 hours – negotiated individually.

Personal photo session (studio shooting, plein air shooting)

A professional personal photo shoot can be individual or group. Photographing can take place in the studio, in the city, in nature. The idea of shooting, the right place, thoughtful image – all this will help the photographer to make beautiful photos.

Also, a professional personal photo shoot will increase your chances on a dating site.

Photographer for corporate.

The photographer at the corporate party is a full-fledged participant in the event. Participants of a corporate event need not just to be photographed, but to grab the brightest moments, the most sincere smiles, the most interesting stories and make artistic photos.

Shooting a corporate event has its challenges. The event usually takes place in semi-darkness or uneven flashing light. And not every camera and lens will make a high-quality picture. The class of the camera and the aperture ratio of the lens are important.

To get a high-quality result, it is important to find not just a corporate photographer, but a professional in their field with a full set of professional equipment and relevant experience. Contact me, I will be glad to cooperate.

Children’s, family photo session, photo report from children’s holidays.

Most often they order photography for children’s holidays. Children play and have fun, and parents want to capture their emotions, laughter and pranks in the photo. And here the photographer must be able to work with children. Become one of them and, without distracting from the games, take live photos.

Photography of discharge from the hospital is also popular – the first steps of the baby into the world in the hands of parents and his first photographs. And then photographing christenings, photographing birthdays, photographing matinees and other children’s holidays. As well as a family photo session. Soulful photos and family atmosphere in the photos can be taken at home or in the studio. There is a practice of doing a family photo session every year. The photographer becomes almost a friend of the family. And here you need a truly your own person and an excellent professional.



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